Backgammon books for all shapes and sizes

There are a lot of books on the game of today available, no doubt about that. There are so many that there are books for different types of gambling players. What these books on backgammon are:

Backgammon for profit

one can say that this is the perfect book for all gambling players out there who are in backgammon for the money. Simply put, it’s a backgammon book on how to get rich with playing. All the tips, techniques and lessons of the backgammon given here are all grafted to the assisting players to earn more profit, hence the title of the book.

Specifically, the book talks about how to take advantage of certain situations in backgammon games, such as maximizing the use of the doubling cube. This is very useful since a lot of gambling players do not have a clue as to when to properly use the powers of the doubling cube. Clearly, the book emphasizes the fact that the doubling cube is very important to the players who are in backgammon.

Although this book has already been over thirty years, it is still very worth buying compared to other backgammon books in the market. Do not be deceived by its old age; gambling players will still learn a lot from this gem.

Backgammon for the winners

this is written by a champion himself of backgammon, so that it makes you sun it worth a space in your bookshelf. The author elaborated described the rules, positions, movements, strategies and tips on backgammon, which a lot of players now seem to love. The language used in this book is very simple despite its being very informative, which is good for playing the players who are right by discovering this game.

A good additional feature in this book is the use of different backgammon situations to illustrate further what the author wants to teach the players reading this. The champion games are very diverse, which helps players really expect different backgammon scenarios.

If you are a beginner, skip to the nearest bookstore and buy this, but it is not applicable to more advanced players.

Backgammon for serious players

obviously, this book is for players who are serious with their backgammon career. It is designed for the most advanced gambling players who still want to learn more about backgammon. Like Backgammon for winners, it also includes sample games that were tip analyzed for the tip.

So if you are a serious player, then buy this. It gives real value to your money.