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There are many other variations of backgammon. The backgammon board itself is versatile which has played an important part on the expansion of the game in different variations.

Games for children

MAKE OUTS OFF is a simple game with no HIT in question, which is great for kids who are beginning to learn how to move chips.

SHOULDING BACKGAMMON employs the easiest technique that is ideal for half-eastern children who have just started learning the game.

EUREIKA is a game that relies on pure luck. It is the ideal game for half-eastern children to get them aware of the backgammon board.


ACEY-DEUCY AMERICAN is quite popular and a favorite among the United States Marine Corps, Merchant Marine and Navy since World War 1.

ACEY-DEUCY EUROPEAN is distinctive in doubles function which is usually played too much on the dice.

ACEY-DEUCY GRECO allows a player to force his opponent to hit one of his spots.

MEXICAN BACKGAMMON is an Acey-Deucy form that allows players to have up to five chips on one point.


of modern games is a variation that is played with both sides having just 3 chips.

LONG GAMMON is similar to regular backgammon except the chips started on the opponent’s 1 point.

MISERE is a variation of backgammon with an object to bear off all hard chips.

NACKGAMMON is a variation of the backgammon invented by Nack Ballard. The game is similar to regular backgammon except the players have 2 more back chips to start with.

PROPOSALS are backgammon games that have different rules on each side.

ROLL-OVER is the variation of backgammon that grants both players a chance to re-roll the dice for the game.


Pure Skill is a game invented by Matt Crispin where players use dominoes instead of dice.

GRASSHOPPER is a race game, also invented by opaque Crispin, which does not need any nuts.

The shapes of the BACKGAMMON

The DUPLICATE of the competition was a duplicate jumper-inspired game in which numerous couples the participants compete all at the same time similar bettors using dice in individual games.

CHOUETTE is a variant of backgammon in which many players and a captain play in front of the box. This is a game for more than 2 players and there are two types of rules that govern the game. First is the 1931 Chouette Rules which was joined by the Racquet and New York tennis club. to be patient. While the loose kind of players pay less attention to the game and are more likely to lose.

The living room focused on your game. Know your current card; bet that great if you think you’re lucky enough to win.