Stars and poker advertising

It has always been said that professional poker players will make good product revolvers. They are just like the NBA stars such as Michael Jordan who earn a lot because of the advertisements.

Certain poker stars have already made a mark so recognizable that we could just imagine what product would be perfect for.

When you think about vacuum cleaners, the next thing that comes to mind is a salesman. Who else might be a product cleaner for vacuum cleaners but a poker star who had once been a salesman himself. This poker star is John Juanda. But do not underestimate this poker star just yet. He only worked as a salesman just to make ends meet, but he is dummie. Actually, it is an MBA degree support and could only pursue a professionally doctor once a day.

The bank on the other hand can do well by hiring a poker star who is also a successful investor, such as Eli Elezra. This poker player born in Israel owns stores in Las Vegas, amounting to sixteen. It’s a good thing to see a poker player who knows how to manage his money well. So when the moment comes that goes on a losing streak, he has another good source of income that is his business.

If companies that produce shaving products would ever want a poker player for their impeller, then it would be wise to get Daniel Alaei. Nobody else in the poker world could be hairier on the face. He has this thick beard that has become his famous brand.

If Hanes are ever looking for a start of poker to sign their underwear, Steve Dannenmann could be very good. Here is the funny story that makes it a good Hanes impersonator. At the WSOP, the camera caught him on the phone saying that he has no underwear. Since that day, nobody could ever forget what happened. That would make a good reference for the Hanes product.

One of the best looking poker stars per day is Shawn Sheikhan. He could easily sign a male beauty product, or something from the fashion industry. Of course, a lot of clothes brands are seriously considering getting them as their model.

Phil Hellmuth would be a good impeller for Kraft cheese. The tag line for its advertising may involve cheese and wine, since it moans a lot. the commercial would be a big hit, after all the Phil was one of the most famous poker stars.